Just Between Friends - shop, sell, save, smart!



Why sell your items with Just Between Friends?
Clean your closets and you could put hundreds of dollars in your pockets!
As a consignor you make 65% of your sales and you set the price of each of the items you put in the sale. Your $10 consignor fee will be taken out of your check. (Team Helpers make 70% of their sales less the $10 consignor fee).
JBF has earned a reputation for quality items, which is why we have only the BEST gently used items for shoppers to choose from. Not having to sort through junk means shoppers will buy more and spend more on your incredible things.
Consignors and Team Helpers get to shop before the public to find the best deals FIRST on Thursday, April 9th
A free bar coding website. This will allow you a fun, fast & convenient way to price your items and track your sales! You can tag anytime! Our tagging site is open year-round, so get a jump start on your tagging. Before you begin, please read the information on the Merchandise Prep Page for complete instructions for how to package and tag your items. Due to liability issues, we cannot accept items that are not prepared following our guidelines.

You can put anything and everything that has to do with raising a child in the sale: clothing (Fall/Winter), shoes, toys, baby equipment, all household furniture, games...and Name brand only maternity clothes!
Just Between Friends- Lawton supports local charities, so if you choose to donate your unsold items they go to use in our local community immediately to help moms and kids in need! If you choose not to donate, all of your items will be sorted and ready for pick up Sunday,  Sept. 20th, 8pm-9:00pm.


5 pm - 8 pm Wednesday, Sept. 16th
9 am - 12 pm Thursday, Sept. 17th

8 pm-9 pm Friday, Sept. 18th


5 pm - 9 pm Thursday, Sept. 17th

Want to shop even earlier?
Team Helper or barter with JBF! Great early bargins!


8 pm - 9 pm Sunday, Sept. 20th

Checks will be mailed two weeks after the sales end.


You make  tags for your items using our free bar coding system, myjbftags.com.

(ALL SEASON SALE IN SEPT. 17-20 Spring,Summer,Fall,Winter)
Click here to register for the upcoming sale!

 Log in to your JBF profile and click on, "enter tags".  Confirm your default tag settings and enter your tags for the coming event.

MYJBFTAGS featureshttps://jbfsale.com/JBF/control/downloadLibFile?downloadFlag=toExecuteInsertDocDownload&mimeType=&documentNo=856234661
Daily tracking on-line of sold items
Detailed inventory lists (donations report)
Print at home, no waiting
Records from sale to sale
Step by Step user guide
Enter & print your tags

 Print your tags on WHITE or light colored CARDSTOCK ONLY. Click the alternate tags option when printing for ink conservation (it will print off 6 tags or more per page instead of 4). You can also change your printer to just print black and white. Make sure your ink is dark black faded ink does not scan. Do not shrink and make sure barcode prints clear. Questions or confusion? E-mail questions to dawanasmith@jbfsale.com

Click here for tagging and hanging instructions

See what you sold! Track your sales online! Your sold items will be posted every evening by midnight during the sale! NOTE:  If tags have to be manually entered they will not post at www.myjbftags.com; but they will be reflected in your check

How to be a Successful Consignor:

Promote every JBF event within your circle of friends and family. The more consignors we have, the more you have to shop from. The more there is to shop from, the more shoppers will come and buy YOUR items. Pick-up JBF referral cards to hand out throughout the year, post JBF event posters closer to the sale, offer to put up a yard sign before/during the sale, and make sure that you share JBF at daycare, church, work, mom’s groups, school…you get the picture.
Everyone wins as Just Between Friends grows and reaches out to others in the community!

Be selective with the items you consign - only bring your best. We inspect items to benefit you and all of our shoppers…we have a reputation of offering the best and we want to keep that standard high at all of our events. Take good care of your things and you’ll be able to sell them to someone else at a great price for both of you!
Make sure older kids (size 7 and up) clothing   styles are current because kids are pickier about styles as they get older.
Try to bring at least one “big ticket” item. Top sellers are pack-n-plays, cribs, exersaucers, and large Little Tikes toys. Obviously, the larger the item, the larger your check.

Be descriptive on your barcode tags. Not only does this help the shoppers, but it also helps us match up tags that get separated from their items. We do everything we can to sell your items for you!

Price to Sell. If you don’t sell as many items as you had hoped, look over your tags and consider the pricing. Were the items priced too high for the brand/condition? Look around at other similar sale items and see what they are priced…if it’s a good deal, people will buy it.

Re-Print Barcode Tags…YOU CANNOT manually change them. If you change your barcode tags after they have been printed, you will mess up your check amount. If you want to change something (donate, reduce for discount days, reduce the price, etc.), do it through the MyJBFTags.com website BEFORE DROP-OFF and you MUST reprint a new tag. Otherwise, you risk reducing your check because you’ve tampered with your inventory.

Participate in our discount sale days, especially clothing and small toys. At the end of the sale, shoppers are only looking for items without a star. You might want to raise your original price a little and let it go for half price. That way, if it sells for full price, it will be more than you expected.
Also, if you donate an item, make sure to include it in the discount sales!!!

Don’t forget to clean out your child’s bookshelves and movie drawers. Children’s books and movies (CDs and DVDs) are especially hot sellers. Games and Puzzles are also very popular. Other popular sellers are gymnastics/dance attire, uniforms, sports equipment and bikes.

Pick up items to resell at clearance and garage sales. There are many JBF consignors nationwide who make $5,000-$10,000/sale by purchasing new/like new items at a significantly reduced price and then consigning the items at JBF. A bargain is a bargain…and this is a great way to make some extra spending money without investing a great deal of time or family funds.

Prep and tag as you go. Preparing for a sale is easier when you prep your items as your children outgrow them and tag them a little bit at a time. Set aside an area in your home to put hanging clothes and a bin or two for other items and you will be surprised at how little time it takes to get ready for drop-off.

Remember to Donate and Take a Great Tax Deduction. You can deduct your unsold items that are donated to charity by printing off a list of your “unsold” items after each sale. NOTE: All unsold items are deleted after consignor checks are mailed, so those individuals who are participating in other sales can move over their inventory. You can consign in more than one JBF sale with the same number using our new Universal Consignor Numbers.

Make Sure to Check the Lost and Found Area during Pick-Up: There are always a couple of items that end up with missing tags that we cannot sell. We place these items close to check-out, so that you can see if the items are yours or not…whatever is not claimed is donated to charity.

Have lots of fun! JBF is fun and you can meet a lot of great moms in the area and find many new opportunities for you and your family to grow and explore the community by getting to know other families. Volunteering is another great way to spend some quality time with other smart, savvy and super moms!

We look forward to your participation with JBF-Lawton!

All things TAGGING and SELLING:

Lowest Prices, Best Condition, Clean & Complete

Don't forget to make plastic hangers face LEFT (like photo) and safety pin on items that might slip off and fall to the floor while handled.
SEASONAL ITEMS:~ Winter long sleeve shirts,long pants, jeans,Christmas clothing, mittens, scarves, hats, coats, and items, snow gear (boots, sleds, skiing outfits and items), football gear, camping gear, etc.
Spring/Summer (Think warmer weather) ~ Light transitional outfits, Short sleeve shirts, capris, shorts, skirts, Easter outfits and items, rain coats and boots, umbrellas, kites, swim wear, pools and pool toys (fins, goggles, snorkels, diving toys, floaties, etc.), picnic items.


a.k.a. "Oh yeah, I should have sold that!" These items sell like HOT CAKES!!
Large play play equipment
Baby equipment
Any Little Tikes or Step Two toys
bouncy seats
car seats
gymnastic & dance wear
uniforms (karate, Boy/Girl Scouts, Awana, 4-H, etc.)
breast pumps
baby carriers & slings
shopping cart covers
bedroom furniture
train tables
ride-on toys
large outside play sets
bunk beds
changing tables
high chairs
diaper bags
play pens
rocking horses
easels, on and on...

JBF accepts all clothing items that have to do babies and kids. From preemie onesies to teen boy football jerseys. That would include: sleepwear accessories (belts, hats, bows, socks, under garments, etc.) uniforms (school, team, karate, Boy Scouts, etc.) costumes & dress-up holiday outfits (Christmas and Easter)
JBF accepts only current fashions.
Please do not bring items over five years old. All sizes sell well. 

Infant / Babies: Rattles, bouncy seats, play gyms, Bumbos, activity mats, mobiles, cloth books, CDs, etc.
Toddlers: Puzzles, board books, learning toys, Duplo, building blocks, dolls, play kitchens, ride-on toys, push toys, walking & pulling toys, train tables, etc.
Kids and Teens: Action figures, educational toys, bikes, Legos, playhouses, outdoor equipment, sports equipment, American Girl, slides, swing sets, game tables (air hockey, ping pong, pool, etc.), arts & crafts, rollerblades and skates, balls, doll houses, board games, Bionicles, Polly Pockets, Frozen items, Hot Wheels, etc.
and Teens: Electronic games: remote control toys, gaming systems (Nintendo, Wii, X-Box, Gameboys, etc.), skateboards, sports equipment, sewing, arts & crafts, etc.

Books: JBF accepts all books in good condition. Board, cloth, picture, chapter, educational, home school curriculum, etc.
Movies and Music: JBF accepts DVD's and CD's that is child appropriate. No R-rated materials. VHS videos are no longer accepted. JBF reserves the right to remove anything deemed inappropriate off the sales floor.
Electronics: Electronics sell like CRAZY! JBF accepts gaming systems, games, iPods, mp3 players, computer software, Gameboys, Nintendo DS, Playstation, Wii, Xbox etc.

If you have items you'd like to sell that are not listed, please send us an email to dawanasmith@jbfsale.com

Don't have time to tag? Valet Tagging:

EXCLUSIVE: JBF-Lawton Valet Tagging Service

If you don’t have the time to prepare and tag your kids’ stuff, call or email us and our Valet Tagging Team will arrange a time for you to drop-off your items. We make it easy, just make sure you are signed up as a JBF Consignor.

Our Valet Tagging Team will take your items and hang, tag and drop-off everything at the sale for you. After the sale is over, you can either pick-up any unsold items or donate them to our local charity and JBF will mail you a check for 50% of what your items sell for!

What could be easier? NOTE: If you prefer to donate all your items, we’ll send 50% of what your items sell for to a local charity as well as donating any unsold items!!

How to use JBF Valet Tagging: 1. Email dawanasmith@jbfsale.com to reserve your Valet Tagging spot at our next sale and arrange a drop-off time (usually within four weeks of the next sale). Space is limited, so make sure to confirm with us early. You provide cardstock, tape, safety pins, ziplock bags, hangers etc. If an item requires batteries, you will be charged $1 per battery since all sale items are required to be in working order at drop-off. (*If you do not provide hangers for your items, your account will be charged $.25 for every  hanger used)

2. Deliver your items at the scheduled date/place/time to the JBF Valet Tagging Team. They will inspect all items for stains, tears, missing parts, etc. when you drop-off, just like we do at Inspection during each sales event. A JBF Consignor Waiver will be provided to you at this time, so you do not need to come to the sale and fill one out like other consignors. You are welcome to provide a pricing sheet for any/all of the items or we will be happy to suggest a price for your items. We also need to know if you prefer that your items remain full price throughout the sale and if unsold items will be picked-up by you or donated to charity.

3. The Valet Tagging Team will prep, hang and enter all tag information into the myjbftags.com barcode system, using your JBF Consignor Number.

4. Once all of your items are entered into the myjbftags.com system, you will be notified (by email) that your price tags are ready for viewing/editing. You will have two business days to review, edit and approve all tag information.

5. After two business days, your tags will be printed and attached to your items. NOTE: No changes (to prices, reduced/not reduced, donated/not donated, etc.) can be made after tags are printed.

6. The Valet Tagging Team will drop-off your items at the JBF sale. You will be able to view your sales (as they are sold) by logging into your myjbftags.com account (tags are uploaded to the system several hours after the sale ends, not as sales are happening).

7. After the sale, you can either show up at consignor pick-up (the date/time can be found by clicking on “calendar” at the top of our website) to retrieve any unsold items or do nothing and your unsold items will be donated to charity. After you receive your check, you can print off a tax deduction list for your donation by going to myjbftags.com and clicking on “reports” and then “list of items.” You will choose “unsold/donated items” and then “print” for a list of the items you donated to charity.Interested in becoming a Valet tagger? Contact dawansmith@jbfsale.com

Check out our video library with easy-to-follow instructions and tips to make the most money for your items! Various item preparations are covered to take the guesswork out of your tagging.

Conignors that sign up online will get 10 JBF free admission cards to pass out to your friends and family. WANT TO SELL ALL OF YOUR THINGS? Market research has shown that it takes ten shoppers for each consignor to sell the majority of their items at the sale. We can't do this without YOU. How many cards can you hand out to your daycare, church, school, ob/gyn, pediatrician, moms group, etc?
Make sure you contact us on where you can pick up postcards, magnets, signs and ask questions.
Meeting place will be abe announced later.

To get the shop early credit, you will need a form to list where you handed the cards or signs out, how many and to whom.  Email Dawana for suggested lists of drop off locations and for a tracking sheet. Also if you can't make it that day, email Dawana to find out where to pick up your cards, magnets and yard signs the following week. Thank you for all you do for the JBF-Lawton sale!

ONE MORE THING....Help us, help you! The more shoppers we have, the more you sell, the more you sell, the more $$ you make! If you'll put one or more of our professional signs in your yard or other yards advertising our sale for six weeks and return them the last day of the sale, we'll put your name in a drawing (for each sign displayed) for $50 (paid by check) to be drawn after the sale and mailed to you with your consginor check.  email me at dawanasmith@jbfsale.com to get the address where you will pick up your
sign(s) February 22-28th